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About The Farmers and Merchants Bank

Meet the Staff

Customer Service Reps

Customer Service Representatives (CSR)…are where "Banking" begins at The Farmers and Merchants Bank. They are the ladies that execute all the documents for your accounts; the opening, closing and everything in between. Our Receptionist will guide you to the appropriate CSR to take care of your account needs and all the products of your account like ATM/debit card, mobile banking, internet banking, phone banking, etc. Ready to furnish you the account and products for your needs are: (L to R): Brenda Foreman, Gina Gray, Susan Crum, Tammy Kirchner and Theresa Turchik.


Tellers…are the "faces" of the bank. They are the employees who meet and greet you when you visit the bank. Whether you stop in daily, weekly or monthly, each one of them is committed to providing you with excellent service in completing your transactions. Our tellers are equipped to provide you with "real time" banking; which updates your account immediately once the transaction is scanned. Happy to be of service to you are (L to R): Teresa Poulton, Lisa Finley, Kacie Rossiter, Candice Cunningham, Scott Palagyi, Cindy Yoss, Rose Nicholson, and Whitney Rich.

IT Personnel

Information Technology and Bookkeeping Personnel…handle all the "behind the scenes" operations. The technical operations and final stages of the transaction process are handled on the top floor of the bank. Information technology and bookkeeping operations are becoming more and more advanced every day. While operations are more automated than they have ever been, computer systems still require manual direction. Providing the guidance to the computer system and bookkeeping operations are: (Center) Zach Bates, (L to R) Teresa Chicwak, Cindy Waller and Cathi Trenner.


Custodian…maintains the bank facility and property. Most custodians are unknown to the general public. That's not the case at The Farmers and Merchants Bank. Their custodian, Jerry Sanford is seen throughout the day; not only completing his tasks but he is also seen meeting and greeting the customers. Adding the public relations dimension to custodian makes Jerry's role at the bank much more fulfilling.